Design Faster, Design Better

Hi, I'm Michelle! A productive designer with over 10 years of design experience. I'm the author of this book.

Create Brilliant Designs In Half The Time

  • Improve Your Design Skills
  • Learn How To Prevent Burnout
  • Unlock Unlimited Creativity

Are you struggling to keep up?

Are you a designer that struggles to create top-notch designs consistently without burning out in the process?

Do you have trouble managing your workload and creativity?

Do you spend too much time working on project after project without thinking about the bigger picture, causing you to lose track of your motivation and eventually burn out?

What are you missing?

That's where Design Faster, Design Better comes in. I wrote this book with designers like you in mind who want to improve their design skills and learn to lead more productive lives at the same time.

If you learn how to manage your time, attention, and energy effectively you will never experience burn out. Also, when you hone in on your true passion you unlock unlimited motivation to consistently create great designs and love what you do.

If you want to improve your design skills, avoid burnout, and unlock unlimited creativity, Design Faster, Design Better is the book you need.

What You Can Expect To Learn From Design Faster, Design Better

In Design Faster, Design Better you will learn design concepts, productivity tips, mindset advice and more, helping you to create better designs, prevent burnout, and unlock your creativity.

🎨 Design Concepts

The theory behind design: Color Theory, Typography, and Design Principles.

💡 Idea Generation

Tools and techniques for generating great ideas.

👩‍🎓 Learning

Methods to improve how you learn and develop new skills.

🧠 Mindset

Things to consider to help clarify your mindset as a designer.

✍ Note Taking

Note-taking techniques to improve how you learn from your notes.

✅ Productivity

The key tenets of productivity and what to do if you burn out.

⏳ Time Management

Top time management techniques to keep on top of your work and life.

📑 Task Management

Helpful techniques you can add to your toolkit to get stuff done.

⭐ Usability

10 Usability Heuristics for User Interface Design - rules of thumb for creating designs.

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Improve your design skills, learn how to prevent burnout, and unlock unlimited creativity with Design Faster, Design Better.

Michelle Mac